We're Here to Help Your Business
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If you are looking to get into the alpaca business we are here to
assist and help you succeed. Your success is our success. If you are
already in the business and looking to expand, our genetics is sure
to add to your program.

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Winning genetics

We offer genetic lines from well known produces including High Peak Alpacas, Alpacas of America and Aero Ranch.


Full 24/7 service

We are available at any time to answer your questions. Raising alpacas is fun and we help you have fun.


Unbeatable prices

We have alpacas and package deals that will fit any budget. Let us know what you are looking for and we will work on financing options that will work for you.

» Alpaca Lifestyle

Alpaca Cria

Ask any alpaca producer and they will tell you that raising alpacas becomes more than just a business venture, it becomes a lifestyle. These animals are gentle and sweet...sitting out in the cria paddock on a summer evening and having the crias romp and play around you is heaven on earth. Stress of the day fades away. You feel a joy in raising these wonderful creatures. Then there's the "cuddle factor"; having them come up and nibble on your cheek. It tickles, but the hectic day has left your mind. How's your stress level?

» About Our Services

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» Breaking News!!

We have joined with High Peak Alpacas and together we will continue to provide the sound genetics that High Peak Alpacas is known for. Visit our Sales page and our Herdsires page to see what we offer. Also visit us at our AlpacaNation site. Guanaco Females

» Who we are

Alpaca Valley Farms is located in northern Sanpete county; central Utah. Sanpete county is home to Norbest Turkey. So, we are surrounded by turkeys! Come buy an alpaca or two and we will send you home with a turkey for dinner.

Utah is also home of the greatest snow on earth and we are close to some great skiing and snowboarding. Come pick out some alpacas and enjoy the slops.

Alpaca female

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